Experience Folk

When you join the Folk Log family, a treasure trove of folk art and dance forms opens up for you. It is our mission to bring all the beautiful traditions of India into the limelight, to give it as big an audience as possible.

Not only do we have an online presence, we are also in the process of creating performance exhibitions on ground. With Folk Log’s upcoming projects, we are taking folk stories and performances to urban spaces and also introducing an exciting merchandise line. You can witness performances and listen to stories in your cities and also possess utilitarian remodels of various folk art forms.

Project Folk Log and British Council India have now come up with new ideas for the dissemination of this knowledge database created over the last six months. British Council India has invited us to create unique sessions of storytelling in Kolkata Book Fair 2020 by artists from Rajasthan and Telangana. Similar projects are planned all over the year in various places so that not only is a new audience created for such traditional art forms but the next generation of artists are also encouraged to continue pursuing these art forms, thus safeguarding and breathing a fresh lease of life into the art of storytelling. folkloguestudios@gmail.com